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Location - Western Europe; Capital - England - London; Population - England - 50.5 million; Currency - Pound Sterling MORE UK - NORTHERN IRELAND

Some odds 'n' ends from south east England, all places within easy reach from London - 2017.


uknote20 Pounds Sterling










eng6264The Grain Tower, aka No 1 The Thames, is a 19th century gun tower at the mouth of the River Medway near Grain in Kent, south east England - Grain


eng6266It's on the market as a 5-bed house. Bring your own boat at high tide. No really! Grain


eng6273It was originally built to protect the Medway ports from French invasion in the 1850s. The top tower was added during the Second World War - Grain













eng6251The nearest city to Grain is Rochester, on the banks of the River Medway


eng6252It's a historic town with links to Charles Dickens. And it has its very own castle, built in the 11th century following the Norman conquest in 1066 - Rochester


eng6256A window on Rochester Cathedral from the top of the castle keep - Rochester















eng6254There's more vistas on the opposite side, overlooking the River Medway and the rather ramshackle town of Strood - Rochester














eng6282Rye and 'quaint' tend to go hand-in-hand when describing this historic town, only 75mins by train from London


eng6286Mermaid Street in particular is full of wood-timber framed buildings from the 15th century. And this one, The Mermaid Inn, is one where you can drink, dine and sleep in - Rye


eng6289Their website promises creaky floorboards and possibly a ghost or two - Rye















eng6294Mermaid Street has several quirky addresses - Rye















eng6291It's a cute town but the centre is very small, so while away the hours in pubs, tea rooms and bric-a-brac shops - Rye


eng6277A cannon stands outside Ypres Tower, a 13th century fort pointing towards the English Channel - Rye


eng6280Nestled beneath the castle is the Ypres Castle Inn - Rye















eng6305Ramsgate is one of several beach resorts at the end of Whitstable - Margate - Broadstairs coastline


eng6304The yacht marina is lined with stalls selling fishing trips & equipment alongside cafes and ice-cream parlours - Ramsgate


eng6312But I wanted to see the interesting War Tunnels, an extension of a disused Railway Tunnel protecting residents during World War II. Ramsgate was on the south coast's frontline, so the deep tunnels provided shelter for up to 60,000 people; at one point over 300 families were living permanently in the underground city, where electricity, bunk beds, toilets and ventilation had been set up.



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