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Location - Western Europe; Capital - Rome; Population - Campione - 2,300; Italy - 60 million; Currency - Swiss Franc MORE ENCLAVES

From Lugano in Switzerland take a boat to this Italian enclave occupying just 1.6km² right on the shores of Lake Lugano. It's only 1km from the rest of Italy but the mountainous terrain make it at least a 10km drive - April 2014.

- Campione has a Swiss and Italian postal code
- The Swiss international dialling code is used not the Italian
- It is not part of the European Union (???) Haven't worked this one out yet..
- Vehicle registration plates are Swiss, not Italian
- Italian police operate but the fire and ambulance services are Swiss
- Like Busingen it forms part of the Swiss Customs area
- Locals told me they pay a mixture of Italian and Swiss taxes
- Euro or Swiss Franc? See below

Historical background: In 777AD local landowner Totone bequeathed Campione to the Milanese authorities. In 1798 the region of Ticino chose to become part of Switzerland, whereas Campione chose to remain part of Lombardy, creating the enclave of Campione. Prime Minister Benito Mussolini added "d'Italia" to the enclave's name in the 1930s.


euroCampione d'Italia is part of Italy which uses the Euro, but...








swissnote.. in Campione d'Italia the Swiss Franc is legal tender.
In practice shops and restaurants accept either currency, and bills are presented in both Euros and Francs.








switz220There's a great view of Campione d'Italia from the top of Monte San Salvatore, lying on the opposite side of Lake Lugano in Switzerland


switz223Middle left near the lakeshore is the vast Casino Municipale. The top of the photo is pretty much the extent of the enclave's border - Campione d'Italia


switz225To the left of the casino is the tourist port - Campione d'Italia














campione150A super-zoom to the Casino Municipale from the Swiss city of Lugano - Campione d'Italia















campione1It's less than 30mins by boat from Lugano to Campione d'Italia, pictured here on the left


campione16The white Galleria Civica on the left and the new Parish of St Zenone Church on the right - Campione d'Italia


campione20The Casino Municipale as seen from Lake Lugano - Campione d'Italia















campione21The lakefront Piazza Roma, again with the Parish of St Zenone Church on the right - Campione d'Italia













campione24Sailing past boats docked at Piazza Roma - Campione d'Italia


campione29The boat arrives at Campione d'Italia


campione65The very tall belltower of the Parish of St Zenone Church - Campione d'Italia















campione38Arco d'Ingresso is the welcome arch to those arriving by road - Campione d'Italia















campione41Arco d'Ingresso and the Piazza Indipendenza. The arch was built on the orders of Italian Prime Minister Benito Mussolini - Campione d'Italia


campione44Next to the arch is a border stone marking out Italia on the left and Svizzera on the right. Sure you can guess the translations.. Campione d'Italia


campione46Shortly after the arch is the Sanctuary of Santa Maria dei Ghirli - Campione d'Italia














campione52The cemetery inside the Sanctuary grounds - Campione d'Italia














campione55The Sanctuary probably dates back to the 8th century but was renovated in the 17th century - Campione d'Italia


campione53Ancient frescoes inside the Sanctuary of Santa Maria dei Ghirli - Campione d'Italia


campione56Looking north from the sanctuary - Campione d'Italia














campione136A boat passes the Parish of St Zenone Church on Lake Lugano - Campione d'Italia















campione69The Casino Municipale is the largest casino in Europe - Campione d'Italia


campione71As darkness falls the lights come on at the casino. Residents are exempt from EU VAT hence the flourishing homage to gambling - Campione d'Italia


campione76bSwisscom run virtually all of the Italian enclave's phone system. The Swiss dialling code is used rather than Italian - Campione d'Italia













campione34The Galleria Civica (Civic Gallery) is the former San Zenone Church and now home to an art gallery - Campione d'Italia













campione79Besides the casino, activity centres on the lakeside Piazza Roma - Campione d'Italia


campione81Most of the enclave's cafes and restaurants are on Piazza Roma. St Peter's Oratory can just be seen as the road turns right - Campione d'Italia


campione85The casino waterfront - Campione d'Italia















campione94One street back from Piazza Roma is a small section of alleyways and cobbled streets - Campione d'Italia

















campione91Residential backstreets of Campione d'Italia



campione92Piazza Grandini is a couple of blocks inland from Piazza Roma - Campione d'Italia


















campione98The Italian and European Union flags fly over Campione d'Italia


campione100The lido provides a spot for sunbathing and swimming - Campione d'Italia


campione102Cleaning the pool at the Sporting Club Campione d'Italia, which also has a bar-restaurant with expensive cocktails and beers - Campione d'Italia













campione101A distant view of Lugano from the Sporting Club - Campione d'Italia















campione107The tourist port with the casino in the background - Campione d'Italia


campione104For some reason Campione d'Italia's coat of arms has a snail on it, here in a sculpture at the port


campione110From the port there's a tunnel to a tiny rocky bay - Campione d'Italia














campione105The small bay is on the left next to the tree - Campione d'Italia















campione113After the bay the enclave stretches further north as it narrows to a point, but unfortunately it's not possible to get there without a boat, as this tunnel was very shut - Campione d'Italia


campione9This is where the paths disappear and the boat is king. I'm not exactly sure when Campione finishes and Switzerland begins - Campione d'Italia




A close up of the lakeshore dwellings in what I think is still Campione d'Italia. They look inviting! But boats only


campione114The Alps loom over the Swiss resort of Lugano, as seen from Campione d'Italia















campione118aTurn inland and head up the steep inclines to explore the rest of Campione d'Italia















campione120There's a few walking trails on the slopes of Campione d'Italia



Follow the trail and you'll come cross Campione's eastern border. On the left is the Italy sign and border stone while on the right, on the reverse of the same sign and stone, is the news that you're in Swiss terrritory - Campione d'Italia


campione127At the top of the enclave is a sports centre with tennis courts, football pitch and children's play area - Campione d'Italia















Svizzera and Italia signs on the enclave's southern border, near the tennis courts - Campione d'Italia


campione131A border stone inscribed IL (Italy) and CI (Campione d'Italia) - Campione d'Italia


campione30Public transport across Lake Lugano - Campione d'Italia
















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