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A bit of a freestyle page highlighting some of the humour and weirdness across the globe, plus things lost in translation...


cyprus94The new definition of 'Push' - a hotel on the outskirts of Larnaka, Cyprus


czech436I wondered if this was a comment on the state of the world's economy - Plzen, Czech Republic














czech492A soggy puppet outside U Svejka cafe bar - Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic
















czech484A rather graphic sign. I get the gist.. Terezin, Czech Republic


ecu5Ecuador Telecom - Cuenca, Ecuador















gab10I went for a style from the top row (not sure which one though) - sign outside a barber's shop, Libreville, Gabon


faroes17You have been told - Tinganes, Torshavn, Faroe Islands















france305In my hotel's reception were a few papier-maché figures used in the Nice carnival - Nice, France




















georgia174A mannequin observes life below, if that's possible - Tbilisi, Georgia


georgia52A toilet notice I didn't quite understand - Tbilisi, Georgia


georgia432Yes that is some sort of Ferris wheel in the middle of Batumi Tower, though I didn't see it moving - Batumi, Georgia














egypt889Liverpool and Egypt football star Mohamed Salah must be the most famous Egyptian right now - Alexandria, Egypt


egypt893That looks a little painful Mo. Mo was born near Basyoun, in the Nile delta less than 150km from Alexandria, Egypt


egypt892Welcome to the Octopus Big Size shop - Alexandria, Egypt












egypt1111The sandiest pool table you'll find! - Hurghada, Egypt
















dprk675The tour group's mobile phones are wrapped in brown paper, officially stamped and then sealed. Open at your peril! Pyongyang, North Korea


dprk637Long-life Liquor, with ingredients including 'penis of fur-seal'. I certainly didn't try it - Pyongyang, North Korea


germany156I love the shower being right in the hotel room. And also that my feet wanted to have their photo taken - Cologne, Germany














germany596Nice touch! Santa appears on the traffic lights - Bremen, Germany















germany825A quirky sculpture on the outskirts is of renowned physicist Albert Einstein, born in the city in 1879 - Ulm, Germany


iceland23I need to follow this - Reykjavik, Iceland















iceland28hChin up mate - Reykjavik, Iceland




















iceland28dI've never watched a live band in a shoe shop before - Culture Night, Reykjavik, Iceland


indo2McDonald's 'veiled' for Ramadan, Medan, Indonesia
















indo70Cremation ceremony - Ubud, Indonesia
















iraq11A very peaceful area in the park opposite Sulaymaniyah Palace Hotel - Sulaymaniyah, Iraq


iraq167This guy insisted on having his photo taken next to a statue of a horse. I'd love to know the significance of horse in suit and tie. Or maybe it's just art - Sulaymaniyah, Iraq


iraq423It's even got a 9D cinema. What?! Erbil, Iraq














iraq446A seat with a prime location - Bekhal Waterfall, Iraq















iraq568Michael Jackson and some 'crazy disco music' in Iraqi Kurdistan - Duhok







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