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Location - Western Europe; Capital - Berlin; Population - 83 million; Currency - Euro MORE GERMANY

It's a seven hour train ride from Budapest to Munich, followed by an overnight journey to Cologne and a Thalys train to Aachen, on the German/Belgian/Dutch borders - April 2012.


euroGermany is part of the Euro zone









germany532A great sculpture on the entrance to the old town of Aachen, known as the Geldbrunnen


germany533The imposing figure of Aachen Cathedral rises in the background


germany513The 14th century Town Hall (Rathaus) overlooks the Markt - Aachen













germany517A statue of Charlemagne in the Markt, with the Town Hall to the right - Aachen













germany524The Charlemagne fountain and the Markt - Aachen


germany500It's possible to have a roadside drink at Aachen Theatre - Aachen


germany501The Stadtgarten is home to the Carolus Thermal Baths - Aachen












germany503Graffiti in the Stadtgarten - Aachen
















germany507Also on the outskirts of the old town is Lousberg, where you can walk to the top for (albeit obscured) views of Aachen


germany509A church spire as seen from Lousberg - Aachen


germany511 The Stasi were East Germany's feared state security service - Aachen













germany526Back in the old town, Aachen Cathedral dominates the end of a cobbled street - Aachen
















germany528The Puppenbrunnen (Puppet Fountain) in Aachen's old town


germany539Fountains, bakeries and cafés are commonplace in Aachen


germany545 Aachen Dom is a UNESCO listed world heritage site - Aachen













germany542The core section of the Dom (Cathedral) dates back to the 9th century - Aachen













germany303An eyecatching exhibition was on show in front of the Cathedral when I stopped off in Aachen in 2014 on my enclaves tour


germany302Identical regal sculptures all painted red and gold were on display next to the Dom. As far as I know it's a temporary exhibition - Aachen


germany537The cobbled streets of the old town - Aachen

















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