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Location - Western Europe; Capital - London; Population - 61 million; Currency - Pound Sterling MORE UK - LONDON

I've lived in London on and off since 1993, and have recently taken a bundle of photos for this website. I've just added Lumiere London photos from January 2016 to this page plus Hampton Court Palace. And at the bottom of the page I've added two micronations in London - Austenasia and the Kingdom of Lovely (maybe..)


uknote20 Pounds Sterling










eng322Wembley Stadium,the home of the England football team - London


eng326Wembley Stadium, with a capacity of 90,000, also hosts other sporting events aswell as live music - London


eng4206Shri Swaminarayan Temple is a glorious Hindu temple in Neasden, near Wembley - London















eng4202Enter the temple to admire the intricate carvings of the Inner Sanctum (no photos allowed) - London














eng5111Not content with just one fantastic Hindu temple, the Shree Sanatan Hindu Mandir is little more than 2km away in Wembley - London


eng5115The £16m temple opened in 2010 - London


eng6188Keep heading north west to the outskirts of London and you'll find Ruislip Lido, a little-known beach very popular on summer days













eng6194The lido comes complete with its very own miniature railway! London


eng336A replica of Sir Francis Drake's Golden Hinde looks toward 30 St Mary Axe (the Gherkin) and the Monument, London












eng337The Golden Hinde and Gherkin - London















eng4626The Clink Prison Museum was one of the 'oldest and most notorious prisons' in Britain. The Brits often refer to prisons as 'clinks' and this is the original, on Clink Street (naturally) near the Golden Hinde - London


eng340Next to the Golden Hinde is Pickfords Wharf - London


eng342Cast iron sculptures of the artist Antony Gormley appeared for a few weeks close to the Hayward Gallery in the Summer of 2007 - London


eng344Thirty one casts were dotted around London as part of his Blind Light exhibition at the Hayward Gallery














eng345On top of a building near the South Bank Centre, London


















eng378During World War II, Winston Churchill directed Britain's war effort from the Cabinet War Rooms, found opposite St James's Park in central London


eng379The Map Room was the hub of the Cabinet War Rooms. The room was left almost exactly as seen on 16 August 1945, the day after VJ Day - London


eng4532Cool off in the summer fountains at Somerset House - London


eng1123The ice skating rink at Somerset House is open to all for the 2 months around Christmas - London















eng1129Somerset House is an 18th century government building located on the Strand in central London















eng1133The river Thames and central London, as seen from Blackfriars Bridge


eng1132Near Blackfriars Bridge in January 2009, London


eng1136The Monument commemorates the Great Fire of London in 1666



















eng1139The Monmument, designed by Sir Christopher Wren and Dr Robert Hooke, was completed in 1677 near where the fire started - London


















eng1138And you can climb the 311 steps to the top - Monument, London see the Tower of London and Thames from above - London


england2018Hampstead Heath is a large park in north London that boasts a lido - London















gipsykings12The Gipsy Kings played at Kenwood House, Hampstead Heath in the Summer of 2009 - London















eng1182Greenwich Foot Tunnel dives beneath the river Thames, linking Greenwich to the Isle of Dogs in east London















eng1153Walking alongside the Grand Union Canal between Shoreditch and Angel, also known as Regent's Canal - London


eng1155Overlooking the canal are a few pubs and plenty of offices & housing developments - London


eng1156Close to the Islington Tunnel section of the canal near Angel, London















eng1191The entrance to one of the hugely popular Camden markets in north London


eng1200The Stables Market in Camden, London


eng1185Loads of tourists and Londoners go to Camden to check out the markets and nightlife - London















eng1189There's several quirky shopfronts in Camden - London















eng1166Not much to do with leather methinks - Camden, London


eng1221Highams Park lake, north London


eng1429Little Venice is a canal area in north west London, near Warwick Avenue tube station















eng1432It's a picturesque section of the Regent's Canal - Little Venice, London















eng1437Plenty of booze and restaurant cruises ply the canal between Camden Lock and Little Venice - London


eng1440It's possible to walk from Little Venice along the canal which passes through the outskirts of Regent's Park. After a mile or so you'll end up in Camden - London


eng2349Hollow Pond is a boating lake in the Leytonstone area of Epping Forest, east London















eng6460Looking more like it's been lifted from the desert - London
















eng5102In Leytonstone Tube station's pedestrian subway is the Hitchcock Gallery, a series of mosaics celebrating the life and works of film director Sir Alfred Hitchcock - London













eng5104Hitchcock was born in Leytonstone in 1899 and directed such movies greats as Psycho (first mosaic), Vertigo, The Birds, North by Northwest (above) and The 39 Steps - London


eng6240Heronry Pond in Wanstead, next to Leytonstone, is a lake in Wanstead Park - London














eng6159This pond can be found in the Hainault Forest Country Park, further along the Central line in north east London














eng2136The Emirates Air Line is a cable car straddling the River Thames right next to the O2, linking North Greenwich with the Victoria Docks on the north bank - London



eng2141In the distance is the Thames Flood Barrier - London


eng2144The O2 and Canary Wharf as seen from the cable car - London















eng6117A 20 minute walk along the Thames brings you to the Thames Flood Barrier. The barrier was completed in 1982, protecting the eastern part of Greater London from flooding - London


eng6118Past one of the barrier gates to the O2 and Emirates Air Line - London


eng2155The Shard opened to great fanfare in July 2012 with a laser light show - London














eng2171It measures 309.7metres (1,016feet) and comes complete with office and residential space, hotel, restaurants and observatory - London


eng5536Drummers at Stratford Westfield welcome the Christmas lights ceremony - London














eng5605In January 2016 Lumiere London came to town, for four nights only - London














eng5612Light installations created by 'the world's most exciting artists' were on display in central London. This was the 'Garden of Light' in Leicester Square - London


eng5616'Les Voyageurs' (The Travellers) in St James's Square was particularly impressive - London


eng5628Others were perched on the top of buildings - London














eng5629One of the voyageurs looks down on us in the moonlight - London















eng5636Ever-changing shapes and images projected on to '195 Piccadilly' - London


eng5642These creatures, 'Les Luminéoles', floated above Piccadilly - London


eng5662The 'Circus of Light' was a quirky, child-friendly light projection in the King's Cross area - London














eng6137Kew Gardens in west London boasts the largest number of living plants in the world - London


eng6132The 50m high Great Pagoda was built in 1762 - London


eng6129The gardens opened in 1840, though the treetop walkway was a more recent addition, in 2008 - London













eng2326Crossing the River Thames on the way to Hampton Court Palace, in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames


eng2295Hampton Court Palace was built in the 16th century for Cardinal Wolsey but eventually became a home of King Henry VIII


eng2319A palace local in Base Court, Hampton Court Palace















eng2304Barrels in Henry VIII's wine cellar - Hampton Court Palace














eng2307A statue in Chapel Court Garden - Hampton Court Palace


eng2309Fountain Court - Hampton Court Palace


eng2312aThe palace held around 1,000 people, placing a massive strain on nearby food resources - Hampton Court Palace














eng2313One of the most important rooms, Henry VIII would dine in state at the Great Hall - Hampton Court Palace














eng2315Four Evangelists stoning the Pope, a take on Henry VIII's collision with Catholicism. Henry VIII broke away from the Church of Rome in 1514 and was established as head of the Church of England. This painting was in his collection - Hampton Court Palace


eng2325Hampton Court Palace has over 60 acres of riverside gardens


eng2324The gardens include a 300-year-old maze - Hampton Court Palace














eng6143A well-to-do area of the capital is Richmond upon Thames in the south west - London














eng6145A riverside bar in Richmond upon Thames - London














eng6439The Cutty Sark, one of the last tea clippers to be built (in 1869) on display next to the Thames in Greenwich - London


eng2336The Old Royal Naval College, in Maritime Greenwich, was originally constructed as a hospital by Sir Christopher Wren - London


eng4831The ultimate ship-in-a-bottle at Greenwich - London















eng4833Wood-carved figureheads (placed on a ship's bow) adorn the walls of the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich - London



















england2008There's good views of Canary Wharf and the National Maritime Museum from the Greenwich Observatory. The observatory is where Greenwich Mean Time gets its name, the site of the prime meridian - London


eng2346A great atmosphere at the Olympic women's volleyball semi-final at Earl's Court - London



lovely3I went in search of comedian, presenter and writer Danny Wallace's Kingdom of Lovely somewhere in Bow, east London, where I stumbled upon this mural of local sights opposite Bow station - London


lovely4As part of a 2005 BBC TV series Danny declared his flat in Bow independent and bestowed the name Kingdom of Lovely. Understandably he didn't want peasants knocking on his door, so its whereabouts are a bit of a mystery, but this is my best guess, the private and residential Bow Quarter. But like many other micronations he eventually got bored of it and now rents out the property, though of course a bit of Bow remains Lovely - Kingdom of Lovely

Head of State: King Danny Wallace, with Minister of Defence being his mate Jon Bond
Currency: Interdependent Occupational Unit (IOU)
Population: An internet-based 60,000+
Flag: A blue and red stripe crossing each other on a white background
National holiday: Lovely Day is celebrated on 2 September
Motto: 'Die dulci freure', or 'Have a nice day'



austenasia1Another micronation pootles along in London, the Empire of Austenasia. In 2008 a 14-year-old Jonathan Austen, helped by his dad, declared his house in south London independent - Austenasia

austenasianote1austenasianote2Emperor Jonathan I commissioned a commemorative £3 coin on the 10th anniversary of Austenasia's declaration of independence


austenasia3It's all very residential and I had no intention of knocking on the door doing my best impression of a weirdo stalker - Austenasia

Head of State: Emperor Jonathan Austen, with Lord Admiral Joseph Kennedy as Prime Minister
Location: The Wrythe near Carshalton, south London, though other terrritories in the UK and around the world are also claimed
Currency: The Pound Sterling suffices
Population: Somehow it's around 83. And don't forget the Austenasian Armed Forces purports to have 54 members
National Anthem: God save the Emperor
Access: By appointment only - see the Austenasia website



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