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There's brilliant street art and graffiti all over the world, with festivals popping up in more and more places. Here's just some of what I've come across in my travels... MORE STREET ART



bulgaria3There's so much street art in the city and this was my first glimpse - Plovdiv, Bulgaria


bulgaria14Hidden between Sahat Tepe hill and a back street are several excellent street murals - Plovdiv, Bulgaria


bulgaria15There's art galleries aplenty in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, so I guess it's just spillling outside















bulgaria16If you're into street art definitely seek these out - Plovdiv, Bulgaria
















bulgaria17Cupid about to fire an arrow - Plovdiv, Bulgaria


bulgaria20A colourful and fun pub wall in the Kapana neighbourhood - Plovdiv, Bulgaria


bulgaria27Not sure what this shop sells.. - Plovdiv, Bulgaria















bulgaria29This one makes my eyes go funny - Plovdiv, Bulgaria

















bulgaria67Bulgaria certainly likes its street art - Sofia, Bulgaria


bulgaria111Street art on the walk down from Sammy's Bar to Ulitsa General Gurko - Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria


bulgaria112Along the same road - Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria















bulgaria122I did read of a city in Bulgaria wanting to brighten up utility boxes, and the idea has obviously spread to here - Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria















bulgaria177I made do with these murals on the Buzludzha Monument, which include a 'Fuck USSR' scrawl - Buzludzha, Bulgaria


bulgaria274Well thanks very much - Bourgas, Bulgaria


bulgaria276..I'm sure Jimi Hendrix would listen - Bourgas, Bulgaria















bulgaria278And of course we have to have some Bulgarian street art - Bourgas, Bulgaria














kaliningrad62I love this cute little sculpture outside a shop on Leninsky pr - Kaliningrad, Russia


kaliningrad31A little bit of street art near the market in Chernyakhovsk, Kaliningrad, Russia


kaliningrad90A striking shop shutter on Mira Street - Kaliningrad, Russia


















kaliningrad103Walk along the east side towards the Upper Pond and take in some street art - Kaliningrad, Russia















kaliningrad104Lower Pond street art - Kaliningrad, Russia


kaliningrad105The tag 'Kartoon' pops up a few times around the city - Kaliningrad, Russia


kaliningrad157Another quality sculpture (not a real door!) - Kaliningrad, Russia














kaliningrad158A Fish Village mural - Kaliningrad, Russia


















kaliningrad319A random statue between Hotel Kaliningrad and the bridge to Kant Island. Love the cat! Kaliningrad, Russia


kaliningrad322Close by is another work tagged by Kartoon - Kaliningrad, Russia


kaliningrad323Clever use of shapes in this street art - Kaliningrad, Russia















kaliningrad335Welcome to Zelenogradsk, Kaliningrad, Russia!















kaliningrad446A street-art advertisement on the walk down to the beach - Svetlogorsk, Kaliningrad, Russia


kaliningrad447Along the promenade is the Nymph statue - Svetlogorsk, Kaliningrad, Russia


albania11Is that Che Guevara on the right? I might be completely wrong! Street art on a garage wall - Pogradec, Albania















albania41A very cute bunker disguised as a ladybird - Pogradec, Albania















albania138All the electricity boxes in Tirana are brightly painted with cartoon characters. Nice touch! Tirana, Albania


albania137.. though this guy looks straight from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - Tirana, Albania


albania149The street art I saw tagged Franko were all of children - Tirana, Albania














albania367Mr & Mrs Plantpot outside a florist near Boulevard Republika - Berat, Albania















albania610Bright street art along Ismail Qemali - Vlora, Albania


andorra37Graffiti on the banks of the Valira River near La Caldea - Andorra la Vella, Andorra














andorra167A painted gate in Sant Julia de Loria, Andorra



















armenia252A subway mural near Sakhov Square - Yerevan, Armenia


armenia261Cycling street art on a derelict building - Yerevan, Armenia


austria115A little bit of street art along the Danube Canal - Vienna, Austria
















azerbaijan100A lion engraved into a restaurant wall, apparently a symbol of the Old Town - Baku, Azerbaijan


belarus16A Soviet painting on a wall on Independence Boulevard (formerly praspekt Francyska Skaryny), the main street in Minsk, Belarus














belgium979Like it! Outside a bar opposite the Galeries St Hubert - Brussels, Belgium


belgium953 To many, Belgium is synonymous with chocolate, beer and Tintin. Plus Jean-Claude van Damme of course - Brussels, Belgium













belgium946 I can't say I know the comic books but I love street art and murals. This impressive mural is inside Stockel metro station - Brussels, Belgium













belgium948It features 140 Tintin characters in two murals created by Studio Hergé, stretching 135m each - Brussels, Belgium


belgium954Hergé is the pen-name of cartoonist and Tintin creator, Georges Remi (Hergé are his initials reversed, RG). See his tag here on the Peeping Policeman mural on Rue Haute. See that the wall is now just a facade as the building behind has been demolished. Luckily the mural must be protected! Brussels, Belgium


belgium957 A few metres from the policeman, on Rue des Capucins, 'Life Scene' is one of the murals that comprise the capital's Comic Strip Walk - Brussels, Belgium













belgium959 ..Plus this one on the same road, with the dome of the Palais de Justice behind - Brussels, Belgium














belgium962Sleeping Pigs is an excellent piece of street art somewhere on/near Rue de Marche au Charbon. It's tagged by Roa who also has a few works in London - Brussels, Belgium


belgium966Sexy mural or just a shop shutter? I typed in the website name and nothing comes back but cool advertising anyway (or it would be if the website worked!) - Brussels, Belgium


belgium965 Another Hergé mural is on Rue de l'Etuve featuring Tintin, Snowy the dog and Captain Haddock - Brussels, Belgium













belgium969 'Tibet & Duchateau' is a clever and entertaining mural on Rue de Bon Secours - Brussels, Belgium




















belgium463Some very imaginative and colourful bars between the old harbour and the church - Ostend, Belgium


belgium464Chef checks out the scene - Ostend, Belgium


belgium353Frankenstein and his castle stand above, erm.. a werewolf? Blankenberge, Belgium

















ben73Houndossou, a vodou god, painted on Hwemu Temple in Abomey, Benin


ben74Abomey was the capital of the Dahomey kingdom, which existed from the 17th century until 1894. Ganyehessou was the first Dahomey king, his symbol here painted on Hwemu Temple, Abomey, Benin


bosnia5This colourful cat popped up in several places in Sarajevo, Bosnia
















bosnia6The first thing I did was take a half-day Sarajevo Siege Tour which covered the Bosnian War - Sarajevo, Bosnia















bosnia59The bobsleigh track was built for the 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo, Bosnia


bosnia230Graffiti artists get the chance to put their enviable talents to use - Mostar, Bosnia



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