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There's brilliant street art and graffiti all over the world, with festivals popping up in more and more places. Here's just some of what I've come across in my travels... MORE STREET ART



busingen45Peace and harmony. A painting on the outside wall of the Rathaus - Büsingen am Hochrhein, Germany. The German enclave is surrounded by Switzerland and shares many public services


busingen5A great way to recycle - Büsingen am Hochrhein, Germany


croatia1042Tornado is the name given to the supporters of Zadar's basketball and football teams - Zadar, Croatia















czech66A painting outside a bar in Prague, Czech Republic advertises Pilsner Urquell, the original pilsner beer. Of course Pilsner Urquell is a Czech beer.


czech67The John Lennon Wall is dedicated to political graffiti and messages of peace and love - Prague, Czech Republic


czech417There's a few eye-catching designs around Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic














Freetown Christiania is a commune located in Copenhagen's Christianshavn district, a self-proclaimed autonomous region of the Danish capital

christiania4Murals adorn the perimeter walls to Christiania, Denmark


christiania5I'm a big fan of street art and this was the first mural I came across, a bright welcome to Christiania, Denmark


christiania10A mural full of nature and flower power - Christiania, Denmark















christiania16 A cool mural dedicated to Benjamin Armstrong. I believe he was shot dead in Christiania, Denmark but please correct me if I'm wrong














christiania17 Lots of the graffiti is laden with weed smoking connotations - Christiania, Denmark


christiania19Psychedelic colours at this art gallery - Christiania, Denmark


christiania35A mural honouring the Zapatistas (EZLN), a left-wing miltant group in Chiapas, southern Mexico - Christiania, Denmark













denmark187A street mural opposite Brandts, a contemporary arts museum - Odense, Denmark















denmark198Being the birthplace of author Hans Christian Andersen puts Odense, Denmark on the tourist map. He wrote novels, plays, poems but he's most loved for his fairytales - do you remember The Ugly Duckling, The Princess and the Pea, The Emperor's New Clothes and Thumbelina, to name just a few?


egypt609..but there's plenty of colourful murals to brighten the place up, along with several backpacker hostels - Aswan, Egypt














egypt610Street art on Elephantine Island - Aswan, Egypt
















egypt617I think this mural was in a government building or education centre - Aswan, Egypt


egypt885A mural of what I presume is the Pharos of Alexandria - Alexandria, Egypt


egypt880Interesting military street art on an electricity power box - Alexandria, Egypt


egypt947Street art (with a political twist?) just off Tahrir Square - Cairo, Egypt















nica5Sandinista campaign for the 2001 national elections in Leon, Nicaragua - Daniel Ortega for President


nica15cropWar murals in Jinotega, Nicaragua, a Sandinista stronghold


faroes17You have been told - Tinganes, Torshavn, Faroe Islands















france305In my hotel's reception were a few papier-maché figures used in the Nice carnival - Nice, France


france321Part of a mural above Cannes, France bus station


france336'Ici pas de pizza au caviar' - a stall shutter in Antibes, France














france989Pray for Paris became a popular tag after the 2016 Paris bombings - Avignon, France













france1657Street art just off the seafront at Arromanches, France


gab133One of the bigger shops in Lambaréné, Gabon















georgia236There's an excellent series of street art on Baratashvili Bridge - Tbilisi, Georgia


georgia241A smiling mandrill welcomes you to the pedestrian section of the bridge - Tbilisi, Georgia


georgia246Futuristic sci-fi murals - Tbilisi, Georgia















georgia242In addition to the street art on Baratashvili Bridge, a series of photos highlighting political issues around the world was also on display in October 2019. Plus there was a DJ playing music to empty tables and chairs. All a bonus I wasn't expecting, so check it out - Tbilisi, Georgia














georgia251Waiting for the train to Batumi on the Black Sea coast - Tbilisi, Georgia


georgia343The Russia–Georgia Friendship Monument was built in 1983 to celebrate Soviet Russia and Georgia relations, with murals of their history - Gudauri, Georgia


georgia468A street mural near the pool - Batumi, Georgia















georgia481Street art festivals have made their way to Batumi, Georgia
















georgia482I read somewhere that street art first appeared in Batumi, Georgia in 2013 and has grown in popularity since then


georgia692A rather relgious looking piece of street art - Gori, Georgia


germany21In 1961 the East German goverment constructed the Berlin Wall, cutting off West Berlin from the East German territory surrounding it and dividing the city in two - Berlin, Germany













germany22It was built in order to reduce the huge numbers of Eastern Bloc emigration to West Germany; though officially it was erected to prevent 'fascist elements' interfering with the creation of a socialist state - Berlin, Germany












germany26Only a small length of the Berlin Wall now exists, the main section being the East Side Gallery, home to this controversial painting of Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev and East German counterpart Erich Honecker getting cosy - Berlin, Germany


germany503Graffiti in the Stadtgarten - Aachen, Germany

















iraq72'Love is lie Promise to never love'. Someone's heart has been broken in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq


iraq160A series of murals lie opposite the Sardam Publishing House on Salim Street - Sulaymaniyah, Iraq


iraq161Presumably they depict significant moments in Kurdish history - Sulaymaniyah, Iraq














iraq501I wondered if the various graffiti contained political statements, or attacks on Saddam Hussein. I asked Haval what this said; his reply was something like 'For painting and decorating phone this number'. A Saddam Hussein former residences - Amadiya, Iraq














iraq639iraq640Paintings on a school wall represent traditional Kurdish costume - Zakho, Iraq





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Website and content Copyright © 2008-2020 Mark Wilkinson. All rights reserved.


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